We connect people and communities by creating memorable
and inspiring experiences.

We have a fascination for the world, an enthusiasm for discussing and sharing knowledge, for the relationship between people. That's why organizing congresses, conferences and other events is our passion.

Virtual Events

More than a technological solution, we offer an integrated service for the organization of virtual events.

Scientific Congresses

We bring to the present time, the knowledge gained in 15 years of organizing scientific events.

Institutional Events



We add value with good ideas. We innovate in business strategy. We connect people.

Corporate Pharma

We bring creativity and excitement to the pharma, medtech & healthcare world

Community Programs

More than events, we create moments of conversation among citizens, empowering institutions
and promoting dialogue.




We are not a sponsorship agency tout cour. We like to promote the association of brands to the events we organize.

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Portugal will host the 8th International Wildland Fire Conference in 2023 - and Leading is a partner in organizing this meeting!

There could not be a more stimulating environment to continue the development of our activities in 2023. Thank you to Turismo de Portugal, IAPMEI and the Banks that support our activity, for the distinction! 

The great ICCA - International Congress and Convention Association barometer says so!

Brave new world

In 2010 when we held our first video conference, the Keynote Speaker, Sir Richard Branson, was speaking from his island in the Caribbean. The theme of the conference was Tourism Innovation, and we were far from thinking where digital would take us.
Our journey has already begun.

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