Leading Live - We were pioneers.
Today we are recognized as true innovators.
We transform the world of events into powerful digital experiences, with a human touch and a lot of creativity.

There is no doubt that digital has imposed a different narrative on the world of events. Nevertheless, virtual events can be as or more interactive, productive and profitable than face-to-face events, provided they are well structured and thought out.

For this reason, we help you design and adapt your strategy so that you can achieve the objectives you have set, bearing in mind that the biggest challenge is to find new dynamics and engagement techniques that enhance this new format.

During the process, we ensure all the necessary support for the management of the event and partners involved. At the same time, we ensure the support of our IT team to the customization and operation of the selected transmission platform.

We explore new ways to share knowledge and news, create business opportunities, raise revenue and enjoy the moments of networking.

Finally, it is also relevant to understand that the target audience is getting out of their comfort zone. Therefore, we also ensure the training of Speakers and Moderators, Participants, Sponsors and Exhibitors.

More than a technological solution, we offer an integrated service for the organization of virtual events.


When we organized our first entirely virtual congress, we gathered more than 290 Speakers from all over the world, in 5 parallel rooms during 4 days. The challenge was such that we immediately realized the importance of selecting the Streaming partner. Therefore, we work with companies with high technical capacity and proven experience in conducting digital events.


We have a technical team capable of advising the most suitable transmission platform for the type of event.
The complexity of a congress requires the choice of very specific solutions capable of responding to very diverse needs. For other events, we favour platforms that are easy to use and can be customized. Whatever the option, our team customises the solution, integrates it with other tools and provides technical support during events.

Venue and custom scenography

Whatever the challenge, we always suggest several options. Hybrid events held in spaces prepared for this purpose. Professional television studios or mobile studios set up in a selected location. Fully remote events enriched with interaction and brand presence.


We promote the engagement of the event's audience with permanent communication either on social networks, through direct marketing or partnerships with media groups with specialized publications in various sectors.



companies are interested in a hybrid solution for events



of companies are willing to support fully virtual events



professional associations claim that membership of their virtual events has been equal to or greater than physical



of participants and companies consider it crucial that content becomes available after the event

... Numerous solutions

The experience coming from over 40 virtual and hybrid events held combined with the know-how of 15+ years creating unique events has allowed us to arrive today with a holistic view on how to offer an enriching experience to all parties involved.

Whatever the event typology, we have solutions for an amazing digital transformation.
We adapt media and technology to broadcast from anywhere and to any audience.

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