We create virtual, hybrid or in-person experiences tailored to your brand's audience, whether they are healthcare professionals, patients or your company's internal team.

The Greeks believed that diseases were divine punishments and that the cure was a "gift from the Gods". Today, we know that it is thanks to research in health and the pharmaceutical industry that we beat pandemics, live longer and healthier lives. That is why we wanted to be part of this ecosystem. We invested in expertise and a dedicated team, constantly updated on the sector's regulations and compliance.

In an increasingly competitive industry, to be successful, pharmaceutical and medical device companies need to communicate with healthcare professionals (HCPs) in a differentiated way, providing real experiences. Whether it's the way they organize a symposium, launch the latest product or participate in the technical exhibition at a congress.

We create experiences. With purpose.
Inform, innovate, motivate, always sharing the vision, objectives and promise of the brand.

Virtual Events and Hybrid
and International Congresses
Stand Alone
Scientific Symposia
Cycle Meetings
or Kickoff
Launch of
Expo design and

In an ever-changing industry, with strict regulations and increasing scrutiny of the relationship with healthcare professionals, it is critical to have a trusted partner that can meet all compliance codes and integrate customized services in an agile manner.

A unique partner, integrated services and an appropriate value proposition.

Dedicated team and specific services for Healthcare Professionals (HCP)
Operation in line with "Compliance Pharma"
Event design and implementation
Integration of digital platforms and mobile applications
2D and 3D design services
Congress travel sourcing
International partnerships to support operations in other destinations
EACCME | MEDTECH Accreditation

We Link Industry to Medical Associations

for the implementation of Training Programs, Awareness Campaigns
or carrying out other projects of common interest.


We link the Industry to Medical or Patient Associations

for the implementation of Training Programs, Awareness Campaigns or other projects of common interest.