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Professional Congress Organizers (PCO) since 2005.

We connect scientific and professional communities, promoting discussion, knowledge sharing and innovation in cutting-edge areas such as medicine, engineering or technology.
We design and implement concepts for events that create platforms for exchange, change public policies or even the way we live in society, in the fields of health, tourism, politics, economics, research, among many others.

Those who prefer us know that we take a different approach to organizing scientific events, whether they are large congresses, conferences or symposia, national or international.
We know how demanding and rigorous managing a scientific programme is. We continually invest in technological resources and in training a truly specialized team.

We have consolidated our experience over the years, collaborating with researchers, professors, doctors and other leaders on more than 590 national and international projects.
That's why today we are proud to be chosen by many national and international associations and societies to organize their events.

We bring to the present day, the knowledge gained from 17 years of organizing scientific events.


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The joy of representing Portugal

We are specialists in the preparation of applications for international congresses. For over a decade we have supported Professional Associations, Scientific Societies, Universities, Hospitals and
Research Centres in attracting events that bring to Portugal thousands of participants.

Find out what we can do to bring to Portugal an event in your sector of activity.

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We have the experience, knowledge and enthusiasm to effectively manage congresses or conferences anywhere in the world. From strategic planning and venue selection, to logistics and post-event evaluation, we offer services that contribute to a memorable, logistically well-organised, motivating congress that exceeds participants' expectations.

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