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Amplify your message, grow the community that follows your brand and connect with your customers face-to-face.

Expectations are high when the doors to your Exhibition, Trade Show or Convention open.
Visitors are ready to be inspired. Buyers are looking for new products or solutions. Exhibitors are eager to grab their customers' attention and Sponsors are persistently looking for the attention and prominence they have been promised.

After all, this is your industry's time of year.

By choosing Leading as a Partner, you ensure that everyone gets the attention and success of your event. We provide professional management, the support of a dedicated team and technological tools that will make the difference. We create experiences that bring industry leaders and professionals together to share knowledge, build partnerships and establish relationships.

We add value with good ideas. We innovate business strategy. We connect people.

Did you know that...

We have a history of increasing revenue from the events we organise, in some cases over 40%.

We have specific software that allows you to schedule one-to-one meetings between attendees and exhibitors

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Support to the realization

Your company or association has experience in organizing Technical Exhibitions and only needs a partner to assist in the execution of some services. Tell us how we can collaborate.

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Talk to Leading, show us your ideas and set goals. Our team does the work, from A to Z, presenting you with solutions and results.

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Did you know that...

We have specific software that allows us to create a Meeting Agenda between participants and exhibitors, guaranteeing both their time and contact guarantee. For more information about Technical Exhibitions, tradeshows or fairs


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