Alfândega do Porto Congress Center
Rural Fires

The problem of rural fires is a recurrent issue in our days and, also, a debate theme in the8th International Wildland Fire Conference, from May 16 to 19, 2023, at Alfândega do Porto

Every year, worldwide, we are fatigued by uncontrolled fires, with increasingly serious consequences. Whether we are thinking about the impact or the loss of biodiversity of ecosystems, human capital, economic value or carbon emissions, a deep and global reflection on the way these catastrophes are managed is necessary.

With the seal of the AGIF - Agency for Integrated Management of Rural Fires - and the International Liaison Committee (ILC), this 8th edition brought together experts, researchers, international decision-makers and other stakeholders over four days to form the Landscape Fire Governance Framework, a model for managing rural fires - which was presented at the close of the event. The Secretary-General of the United Nations - António Guterres - the Vice-President of the European Commission - Frans Timmermans - and the President of the Portuguese Republic - Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa - participated in the meeting via video.

In parallel, other key moments marked the Conference's passage through Porto: the Cocktail and Conference Dinner took place on the 18th, at Palácio da Bolsa; the Technical Visit to REN - Parque Serras do Porto; and the remaining networking events, such as the visit to WOW - World of Wine.


+ 55 sessions
+ 1300 participants
+ 90 countries represented
+ 200 Speakers
+ 40 Exhibitors
+ 280 E-Posters
+70 Oral Communications



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