It is from the free press that the je ne sais quoi for citizen empowerment is born  

The current prominence of misinformation and constant accelerated evolution of the market and technology have placed the press in front of a survival risk. In this sense, the objective of this High Level Conference, promoted by the Ministry of Culture and the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, offered an opportunity for reflection regarding the adoption and, consequently, impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a tool for automated production and distribution of certain pieces of information. Perhaps a revolutionary "push" in this industry, in which Leading could not be left out, thus setting up a studio at the Palácio da Ajuda.

More than 580 participants

More than 34 speakers (25 presential and 8 remote)

Simultaneous interpreting

Sign Language Translation

Leading Work:

- Global production of the virtual conference

- Registration and Accreditation