Virtual Event

The 9th edition of the Employability Seminars, held by the University of Lisbon Law School, took place on 10, 11 and 12 November 2020, powered by #LeadingLive.

With the aim of maintaining FDUL's tradition, in which future young people in the area of Law are prepared for the job market by various Law and Consultancy firms, the institution's Outgoing Professionals Office has moved on to a new format, with our support and our digital event model.

We were thus able to help all those involved to fulfil another year of these Employability Days, where the first two days were dedicated to information on internships in the area, workshops, lectures and simulated interviews, and on the last day the traditional "speed interviews" were managed, in a virtual stand environment, where each company was able to present in digital form all the company's information, relevant to the type of event.

+ 380 participants

+ 13 speakers

+ 37 exhibitors

+ 8293 visits to the stands

+ 3586 messages exchanged