Virtual Event

New doctors, new oaths!

Foreseen to take place in a face-to-face format, the Hippocratic Oath of the Central Regional Section in Covilhã and Coimbra, celebrated the young doctors' commitment, in an online format, on the weekends of 20-21 and 27-28 November.

Traditionally held on the occasion of graduation, this is a solemn milestone in the life of any doctor. A date that the Regional Section of the Central Region of the Portuguese Medical Association (SRCOM) did not want to let pass in silence, counting on the collaboration of Leading to, from one moment to another, and due to the pandemic circumstances, bring everyone together in the virtual.

Leading Work

  • Secretarial management of guests and family members
  • Management of contents, preparation of the webapp and communication with all involved allowing the transformation of the 1st Covilhã Oath into a virtual format within 24 hours


132 Newly sworn doctors

340 Family members and other audience guests  


167 Newly sworn doctors

450 Family members and other audience guests