Altice Arena

We were an active part, in the conception and organisation of the biggest event in the world dedicated to the sustainability of the planet - The Planetiers World Gathering.

In co-authorship with Planetiers, Altice Arena and Douro Generation, we designed a hybrid event that brought together the world's leading experts to debate economic, environmental and social sustainability.

During 2 days we occupied 4 stages with +130 sessions between lectures and debates. We had +250 national and international speakers, plus +133 virtual and physical exhibitors in the Altice Arena space. There were +750 participants per day in the venue and thousands watching online from all over the world.

Are you curious? We still have access to a series of contents and interviews with the main speakers. Find out more at

Event format:

Weekly TVI Programme for 6 months | Pre-Event Workshops | Conferences | Debates | Sustainable Products & Solutions Showcase | Planetiers Awards

2 Stages | 2 Chroma Studios | Streaming of all sections | Live transmission during all the event to Media Capital platforms | National and international promotion campaign