Social Sciences

Just as days turn into years, so young-adults quickly go through new challenges

In a year of efforts to mitigate pandemic scenarios and, bearing in mind that today, the challenges that young-adults face are nothing compared to those of previous generations, theSociety for the Study of Emerging Adulthood (SSEA)promoted, from 4 to 6 November, in online format, the10th Conference on Emerging Adulthood.

Under the theme"Well-being during Emerging Adulthood: Challenges and Opportunities", the programme of the meeting sought to address the role of health, well-being, socio-economic status and now the newly post-COVID social justice movement for the development of the future adult classes of our society.

6 virtual rooms

More than 130 Oral Communications

About 100 E-Posters

More than 10 messages exchanged  

Interactive sessions with over 25 questions and answers exchanged  

Online interaction with over 395 people in a gamification activity